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Poor degenerate into death Poor denouncer!
5.12.16 and the "ever" that was so lacking to us, that we could not admit that we were not even able to confront ourselves, and what we failed in ourselves!

Hi and hello, goodhearts, my beloved Enlightened sisters and brothers! - now so many blogs have so many pages and sites and pages that even as a Superman - Sisyphus I can not succeed in closing these gaps and ... well, let 's leave that!

Because it is crazy, inappropriate, and not possible, it is now cozy! 2 - logically my challenge, my next big task!

May I consider myself as an expert in the wide field of failure, goodhearts? Can I do anything? Should I ? Can I ?
I'm not afraid of anything.

When I say that my sleepy pink panther is starting to fade very quickly, I may get some sympathy from strange specimens like me; And I just want to leave them alone.

To refuse to confess to the admission of an insatiable hunger is as desperate as the thought of lung cancer when lighting a good cigarette after a fuck, which still makes you tremble and breathe heavily. Poor detective.

You know I really love you. cozy !2

Being is. L'être est. El ser es. كائن غير. ビーイングです。 存在是。
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