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The g-cook cozy might [think]:
Good hearts enjoy today's madness:
It is time again so far and we will try to survive the night, or at least to pretend as if the garbage collection goes past! On 20 October 2016.

Damn shit, damn shit, dear ones! What is it for a juice shop full of molluscs and warmers? Did you hear that this poor, little German - colored percussion singer, who is always so nice and soft - hearted, heart - and - pain ballads, is now in the press because he has slipped out of believing in conspiracy theories? Not that this would be new, for the type spreads his exaggerated system of beliefs, something fundamentalist - Christian in the way when I never really listened to the lack of genuine interest in the percussion scene and its gaggedness Goes and stands. I also find ok so. Let him choose his identity traces and belief systems, as he will! Anyone can do that! But our little minstrel now made the mistake of admitting the thing with these logically non-humanoid reptiles, who disguised themselves as human beings and believed to march here and now! This is, of course, a hammer, is not it? I mean, goodhearts, believe, yes, you can do that without having to get into the forced jack, but if there are also Jews, yes, you have heard correctly, are Jews, the reptiles, then the story is already Really crass and one may expect to get the ass torn open, but really! And ... yes, my friends, we are tragically still not ending up with it ... and if it is also known that this "special Christianity", which our little singer prefers to practice, does not So completely free from anti-Semitism ..., yes, we understand ourselves, not? - Because then you are completely in the ass, but correct!

Fuck, what kind of shop is here? Where did I get to? In the afternoon, when I was taking a coffee break, I saw You Tube, a supposed mentalist who told me story aliens and who knows how many races that settled the earth and pushed spheres and developmental stages into my ear until I thought it lifts me now The Fontanelle, or my wonderful anteriors fly out! The boy moaned and howled and cursed in detail how few light beings and how many dark and evil beings there was, and that for many thousand years the earth and everything messed up and shit and so on and so on! It was the horror, goodhearts, the horror!

And why am I saying I do this? How so? Who knows me, will answer the question:

Because I preached to the fucking shit puke for years even this shit and hardly gave anything else from me! Fuck

So, you have to smoke a pound of Satori in one piece, pure and fast, to escape these shitty development steps; But unfortunately, there is no dealer who can bring and deliver this quantity! End - terrain and out the mouse and kiss the hands end!

Today I am better, but it was damn hard ... let me look ..., moment ...., more than a thousand days to here, damn shit!

So since we know that we can not help ourselves or others to avoid these highly unpleasant experiences, we think something pragmatic, goodhearts, what do you think?

Is it significant whether the reptiles are Jews or vegans, or both, or was the whole of only one of these stupidity media designed to cram the summer hole?

You know me and know that I like it fast and concretely. So here are the basic facts, which not only clarify the matter with the crappy reptiles, but the vast majority of the mind that is blowing us into the brain. Here we go!

Each [individual and collective] essence makes every possible experience of every [individual or collective] entity in its own unique, unmistakably unique way and extends it into infinity. Each [individual and collective] entity is a unique, unmistakably unique, incomparable and irreplaceable core identity (I TKG - JJ) and an infinite number of identity traces. Each unique, incomparable and irreplaceable core identity (I TKG - JJ) is an identity trait for all other [individual and collective] beings. Each [individual and collective] being creates new, creative, conscious, intelligent and unique life through his consciousness, through the anointing and shaping of the universal light that flows through it (always / permanently / permanently).

Do me a personal favor, goodhearts, and draw you up several times and with rest, ok? For here we are exactly at the point from which everything goes, and which tells us everything else, capice?

It cost me 40 years of ritual work to get this detailed explanation; And it required enlightenment to understand them; And it required the release of enlightenment to integrate them.

So, your sacks! - From now on we have a lot of interesting things to talk about! Let's just do it!

! 2 cozy