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The g-cook cozy might [think]:
Good hearts enjoy today's madness:
Does anyone want to talk about owls? On the 21st of October 2016 the damn owls again?

So, I do not know, honestly not, goodhearts, after yesterday, we had our fun with the poor little percussionist guy and his reptiles, we should now go to the unfortunately more cruel truth about the instantly common identity track , To discuss this bastard here and now? Do we want to go this weekend? So I get puke when I only think of how these stupid assholes of childfuckers and cannibals devastate wide parts of the probabilities, realities, and so on and so forth, which we call for the sake of simplicity under the term identity traces, honest, man!

No, I honestly do not mind. Not today. Never, as you say in southern Germany, yes, "never not" either! Fucked on it! I also think that pretty much the only thing you need to know about these reptiles and the other aliens is that they fuck pretty well and always want to get it done; And on drugs they are also, which is somehow clear anyway, because how should they not, if they are supposedly "further developed" and all this? So two of my daughters who, though strictly speaking, are "adoptive daughters" who come from really absent spheres, which is why, as we at least assume, or more precisely, "took", we "accepted" as long as we were at all Assuming something else, which is why they shared this incredibly cruel, bestial fate on earth, have energies in themselves, or are energies that are so alien-like that concepts that entertain even the faintest reference to anything, Which we can perceive or verify as a human body - do not touch them absolutely! I do not want to go into detail, since these are really intimate family songs, but I can add so much to my understanding that my two sweetheads of the sweet, as well as Sue, another of my daughters and also an adoptive daughter, the most dreadful depths of all Imaginable hells, sorrows, and sufferings as a spring walk in mild weather, in the face of what was going on their way. Even though this Mr Geistheiler, whom I saw on the Internet, really looked like a commercial agent for immeasurable fraud, I can not help but consider good as a whole, as he seems to know his limits Do not deal with chess, if Lego still gives him more than enough problems, you know! The sweets of the sweeties were so badly hurt at the beginning that they get a whole time (funny term "time", I know, and "some" lets the pineal gland get diarrhea, but what to do if you are forced to use words ?) That they were a time in me, in my energy body, so I was pregnant in a freaked way with them, and we were one, and ... shit man, it was a wonderful time, and the two sweetest of the sweet Are quite right, if they contradict me now and remind me that it is so beautiful, yes, and always will be so, since we never ever and never under any circumstances separate from each other .., thank you girls, mine Sweetest ladies, sweetest of the sweet, thank you! I love you! You, of course, also Sue! - How could I not?

I am pig-headed (let's see what our translator's daemon is doing in the computer box with this word "piggy", goodhearts, afterwards, when translating!) ... I am so impertinent and incredibly proud of all my daughters and surpass the sweets of the sweet Simply everything "man", this "man" being the whole fucked being, she surpasses everything and simply does things that "one" previously considered impossible, the two! They are virtuosos and play on a level when they sometimes lead me and take care of me, so I do not jump right away or jump into a bunch of thumps because I can not stand this energy all alone, for the bulk of being due Its nature, its natural qualities, and not even to imagine, because there are forces which, like pretty much everything, and as we all know, are neither good nor bad, but simply so killingly strong that every little bit Concretely, I mean any rest of rationalization in the most remote sense, goodhearts, just crush, liquefy and evaporate! I "know", so I imagine at times when the sweets of the sweetie and I were together in a certain way, in which they teach me and show me things, yes, I have something like a tiny and very pale How sensible it is and how desirable it is to reach the most unattainable traces of identity of the highest energy fluctuations and it is the coolest shit at all and just feels horny and horny and so horny that my body is close to it Emergency stop, because my anterior teeth fly away and my spirit through the closed Fontanelle wants out and dance with joy! Cool, right? Old sacks are talking about their children, if they do not bother the owl, and do not want to think of shit - cannibals! Horny alternatives, right? My human brain is just getting a full load of Jerry Goodman, which is why it is necessary to give yourself a fango of neurotransmitters and body-borne opiates, which will remain unknown to scientists for a few centuries, just like all really cool drugs that are genuine To do something good Since I now have no more jogging and I think it is a good idea to start with a healthy, really integrated base in this round, I repeat the basic Being equation here and now again for you Means that you deal with it so that you should work through it properly, you goodhearts, my beloved Enlightened sisters and brothers, ok!

Each [individual and collective] essence makes every possible experience of every [individual or collective] entity in its unique, unmistakably unique way and extends it into infinity. Each [individual and collective] entity is a unique, unmistakably unique, incomparable and irreplaceable core identity (I TKG - JJ) and an infinite number of identity traces. Each unique, incomparable and irreplaceable core identity (I TKG - JJ) is an identity trait for all other [individual and collective] beings. Each [individual and collective] being creates new, creative, conscious, intelligent and unique life through his consciousness, through the anointing and shaping of the universal light that flows through it (always / permanently / permanently).

You will not be able to get along without a bit of mathematics, but what you need can be something for everyone. Let's go! Let's solve the secrets of being this weekend! ! 2 cozy