Hello, good heart! So, here it is. Here you can find the English version of the single rule, your first and only commitment for everything you get for free from us!

The only rule. - La seule règle. - La única regla. - حكم فقط. - 唯一のルール。 / Yuiitsu no rūru. - 唯一的規則。 / Wéiyī de guīzé.

Here - as always with us - first briefly the legal matters:

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OK. If something really brings something good here, you move your ass in your kitchen and prepare a delicious meal to.

This food you pack then so that they warm (or cold, or whatever), at any rate trust preferred and remains ready to serve.

Then you move your ass right where someone has Kohldampf and bring him delicious food and thanking you in him that he accepts it and helps it.

Just running the every time it goes with your enlightenment due to the here prepared for you material.

Cook 1 = progress (at least) 1 Essen and deliver ok. And that ... Cheating is not yet!

Capice? Really everything 100% ok? And integrated to 100%?

Ok. All right. Only for security ... Once again everything step by step. For non-swimmers. New Spaniards. White looking black Lationos like me. For clergymen. For the alcohol. For the cream of tartar. For the pig. For the leg. For all of us, to internalize and better understanding, the love as you insane and beyond measure, you monster!

Let's go to it.

You make by means of you here free of charge provided material or by our free press release or its contents energetischm progress. You feel and know and reviewed the progress and or remain even in the most critical assessment undoubtedly receive.

Now you are on the train!

Look around and think what you have, what and how much you can give un like it, and with whom or strangers unexpectedly it would make you the most fun, the most fun!

Whether it complains riding a little money, clothes, a blanket, or even what is extremely cool, toys for the poor children who have nothing or so little of it, or her, so to speak, "classical way" as "g-cook" and with honest and sincere, loving effort and attitude brings a meal to his feet, the other brings to bounce back, what of whether her something entirely different, or even, which is preferably an offering of infinite mixing possibilities of that her sole responsibility to you.

So if you have enough to eat and a little beyond, you give the joy, cooking, baking something and brings it to someone, have the carbon vapor! You can find the people everywhere! And if you think of anything, let yourself be inspired by Suzuki and cozy: Bring a cake into the retirement home! And if it's ok for you, drinking a cup of coffee with the old people, let's tell you something and doing a bit of small talk! ?? You will not believe how well you will do!

And if that does not work? If you can not? Will you dannoch do something? Something good? Following the introduction, the furrow, the gap and then ..... please DAS! Do it for you, for me, once again for Andromeda, the porn industry ?? or reliable dealer with the correct price or who else, also the god of love would be suitable, or the Dark People who are hard on it, it does sure my dad, the light carrier ..! Shit for whom or what, we go! And does what! So here, once again our request! Please ?? please ?? Please!

A personal, so to speak, cozy - concern: If you do not have the means to give someone food and / or not you dare, it occurs to you to strange and so on and so fortx, then please do the following:

· Move your ass to the nearest hospice, hospital, senior citizens or children's home

· Stay near the building / building

· Stands upright, breathe deeply in and out

· Open your palms and radiates healing and refreshing energy to the people there

· Does the 9 respiratory cycles

· Move your ass to the place of your choice

· Carries out there doing your choice

You'll be surprised how well are you and how pleased your body!

The only rule. - La seule règle. - La única regla. - حكم فقط. - 唯一のルール。 / Yuiitsu no rūru. - 唯一的規則。 / Wéiyī de guīzé. - Die einzige Regel.

Your only obligation and in return for everything.

Votre seule obligation et en retour pour tout.

Su única obligación y, a cambio de todo.

الالتزام الوحيد ومقابل كل شيء.

あなたの唯一の義務とすべてと引き換えに。 - Anata no yuiitsu no gimu to subete to hikikae ni.

你的唯一的义务,以换取一切。 - Nǐ de wéiyī de yìwù, yǐ huànqǔ yīqiè

Deine einzige Pflicht und Gegengabe für alles.

The only rule. - La seule règle. - La única regla. - حكم فقط. - 唯一のルール。 / Yuiitsu no rūru. - 唯一的規則。 / Wéiyī de guīzé. - Die einzige Regel.