Die Wahrheit! - In allen Sprachen von Africaans bis Zulu !

The truth! In all the languages from Africaans to Zulu!

Our open letter to Facebook in the most widespread languages! - The one eliminated us and tried to silence!
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Now more than 1.400.000 at g +! Thank you! Maintenant plus que 1.400.000 à g +! Merci ! Ahora más de 1.400.000 en g +! Gracias! Jetzt mehr als 1.400.000 bei g+ ! Dankeschön! Ima yori oku no Guramu 1.400.000 man ijo! Arigatogozaimasu! cozyP Xiànzài, chaoguò 1.400.000 de G +! Xièxiè!
Owls - worshipers are unwanted here!
Owls - worshipers are unwanted here!
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Click here for NEW HOT ENERGYPICS !
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Hi and hello, Good Hearts,

update 4 U is ready now, so please enjoy!

Our Facebook - account is still inaccessible, suggesting the attack of damn owls - worshipers who destroyed our server recently, due.

We keep an eye on you ... and U are always in our hearts!

Suzuki & cozy

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