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Nothing comes off; just everything disappears; all comes back. Three 3 per thousand three cosmic wisdom. Rien ne se détache; juste tout disparaît; tout revient. Trois mille trois 3 pour la sagesse cosmique. Nada sale; simplemente todo desaparece; todo vuelve. Tres 3 por mil tres sabiduría cósmica. Nichts kommt weg; verschwindet nur alles; kommt alles wieder. Drei 3 drei Promille Kosmischer Weisheit. Rien ne se détache; juste tout disparaît; tout revient. Trois mille trois 3 pour la sagesse cosmique. Nada sale; simplemente todo desaparece; todo vuelve. Tres 3 por mil tres sabiduría cósmica. 何も外れません。ちょうどすべてが消える。すべてが戻ってくる。三千あたり33宇宙の知恵。 沒有脫落;只是一切都消失了;一切都回來了。三個千分之33宇宙的智慧。 لا شيء يأتي قبالة؛ فقط كل شيء يختفي. كل ذلك يأتي إلى الخلف. ثلاثة آلاف وثلاث 3 في الحكمة الكونية. 何も外れません。ちょうどすべてが消える。すべてが戻ってくる。三千あたり33宇宙の知恵。 Nani mo hazuremasen. Chōdo subete ga kieru. Subete ga modotte kuru. Michi-atari 3 3 uchū no chie. 沒有脫落;只是一切都消失了;一切都回來了。三個千分之33宇宙的智慧。 Méiyǒu tuōluò; zhǐshì yīqiè dōu xiāoshīle; yīqiè dōu huíláile. Sān gè qiān fēn zhī 3 3 yǔzhòu de zhìhuì.

Fundamental to our rituals (which in the unlikely event that you find, or be found by them):

All rituals can be dangerous.

We therefore warn nervous, unfocused, physically or mentally weak people from these dangers.

Any physical or mental illness is a big risk serious damage to physical, mental or spiritual nature can result.

Who is determined and strong, to follow these instructions.

Work still.

Maintain strict secrecy regarding your project. Knowingly or unknowingly acting on you energy of the attention of others is highly dangerous for you!

Use statements like a slight indisposition, a good book or a need to clearly see anything all by myself for the short time of your retirement during your actions.

Do you work alone.

No one can keep desiring forces of different people isolated in ritual and protect everyone involved!

Fashion accurate.

As long as a single question on the practical implementation of your action is unknown, you must first find the answer rather than engaging with unpredictable and life-threatening risks!

Do you work honestly.

If it is your desire to reach for a cause retaliation, a person sick leave, in poverty or dead and healthy, popular and wealthy to see another person, please stand up straight in it!

You can only get from where you are absolutely confident in yourself!

Do you work consistently.

Clarify before the consequences that will have the realization of your wishes and reassure yourself wholeheartedly that it is what you want! And if you know it, you do not stop until it's done!

Be really ready!

They are pushing open any of these rituals in the situation gates, which are only one side (you off) to open. Once opened in the right way, the energy is effective and strives against your goals. A xZurückx there is not there!

Beware of prudery!

Enjoy your stay and other body in any form! So give yourself the way, whatever the lustful actions of your body! Enjoy your lust without restrictions and taboos and let it to be charged with these energies!

Protect yourself!

Whenever you exit or cancel a job, close the gates you have opened!

Employ, keep to the following hours intensive with very profane and xnormalenx things that bind your attention and stop the energetic connection and closed.

Life attentive and grateful!

Each ritual has a number of positive consequences for you. In addition to the - what might be there always is - what you ask conscious, submit to unconsciously-energy level during the ritual more information about you, your circumstances, your fears, worries and desires. All this does not remain unheard. So look carefully at what changed in the time of your ceremony! Show your gratitude by focusing more on joy, pleasure and success in your life!

Do not be surprised if acting under your enemies as a result of your failure ceremony, illness, accidents or other forces, even though you do not consciously remember to have asked. From the moment that you completed the first ritual is so much will change how you are willing to accept!